Intelligent Body Map Home Course

The Intelligent Body Map includes 10 training modules that guide you through the realization and actualization of your customized body map that works for you because IT IS DESIGNED BY YOU with the help of Brandon Chien and his decade of fitness experience.


See What Is Included:

Modern Monomyth

In this module we are going to explore the cultural story for Fitness and how the Industrial Revolution changed our views of the human body and how movement fits into that picture.

Mindful Fitness in the Modern Lifestyle

Informal Mindfulness is a useful tool in how we approach movement in the Western American world. We  look at the body in a holistic way.

Pain & Stress Are Your Oldest Friends

Pain, stress, and fat are traditionally thought of as a negative qualities. In this journey they will be helpful and important signposts in guiding your towards feeling joy in the body.

Trigger Points & Breathing = Reset

The body has many ways to relieve knotted muscles. Learning to breathe for both relaxation and energizing the body can be the difference between a relaxed body and a stiff body.

Reflexes & Video Game Controllers

The body is born with reflexes that protect us and using them regularly in movement can bring joy and ease. We will explain why your hands and feet are like a video game controller and how they activate these reflexes

Organized Tension

We will explore the concept of “core muscles” and what that has to do with protecting and relaxing your muscles on command. This skill is important because it can make almost any exercise that much more effective.

Train Like A Baby

When it comes to success in building fitness, babies are the winners. They are able to get strong enough to walk on two legs because they have access to an innate program. Adults can benefit more by copying babies!

There Is No Program

Leaving behind the need to be perfect can make your long-term practice fun again! You will begin to see patterns in successful fitness practices and decide for yourself which ones bring you joy and which ones do not.

Know Your EcoSystem

Knowing yourself is critical if you are to enjoy your movement practice. Acknowledging your learning style, ability to be alone or social, and coping mechanisms will bring you ease in your fitness.

Beyond The Training World

There is a world outside of the gym! You have found a way to make your body more durable and it is time to bring your dreams alive through your unique movement practice.

X Marks The Spot On The Intelligent Body Map

Looking for a customized, intelligent and mindful approach to your modern lifestyle? The Intelligent Body Map is your next inspired step towards your goals.


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