I Have Been Silent & Why That Time Is Over

intelligent body map Feb 01, 2018

I am skeptical of almost everything.

I distrusted “gym culture” most of my life, but if I was being honest I did want to feel strong in my body. I grew up thinking that if I “built muscle” I would have to trade my intelligence and dignity to become a “meathead” that only cared about vanity. It turns out that I was wrong about a lot of things.

I realized that becoming friends with my body was the most empowering journey I could take.

For over nine years I have collected experience as a full-time personal trainer and competitive Olympic-style weightlifter. I studied with Olympic-level coaches, health professionals, and I worked with hundreds of clients, while putting on dozens of workshops. I am comfortable using my body to do all feats of strength and flexibility on command. I also grew to love the outdoors, so much that I became a Wilderness Survival instructor. I also started my journey as a Somatic Sex & Relationship Coach. And what I soon...

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