"There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy." - Nietzsche

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My name is Brandon...

...and I teach everyday people how to find a Flow State with fitness skills.

I want to share how I went from a pack-a-day smoking suburban burnout to living confidently in my body and enjoying the Great Outdoors.

I teach an unconventional mixture of weights, gymnastics, and dance skill training to get you moving gracefully. It is science-based training verified by a decade of self-experimentation.

I approach every client like a unique ecosystem I've never visited. I help you design the movement practice of your dreams - whether you're a 9-5'er, Outdoor Enthusiast, Party-Animal, or a busy mother of two.

I use a gentle approach to help you decipher and unlearn the damaging messages coming from the fitness industry. No shame, guilt, or drill-sergeant style motivation here.

I keep it simple by using little/no equipment. And you get to pick the ideal environment to move your body.

I have a body-positive philosophy that welcomes people of all shapes, sizes, and ages. We all deserve to feel good in our own bodies.

And when you start moving well again, I can show you how to go enjoy the outdoors and pursue your dreams.

You can read about my transformation below.

Here's a link to my professional experience.

Brandon's Blog

Thoughts on how movement can improve mental and emotional health for everyday people.


Serving clients at the Eleiko Certified Facility: SPS Gym (Oakland, CA)

In-Person Coaching

I teach you how to be your own coach. Whether you're just starting out or have lots of movement experience, I can improve your skills to chase your dreams in the world. Read a few testimonials from coaching clients on Yelp.

Small-Group Coaching @ SPS

 I teach Olympic-weightlifting, Powerlifting, and CrossFit to small groups at SPS Gym. Come drop by for world-class training at an Eleiko-certified facility!

Pricing for membership, classes, and drop-ins: http://www.spsgym.com/join/

Online Coaching

I'm here if need accountability and help figuring out how to make fitness work for you. I build a customized 4-week program for Olympic-lifting/Barbell skills, bodyweight training, and mobility.

For pricing please see the store.

Virtual Consultation + Custom Program

Want some guidance or a brainstorm session? Let's work together to build a movement program that works for your personality and lifestyle. Sessions are conducted via Zoom.

Corporate Wellness & Education

Teaching outside the gym brings me great joy. It helps me to meet people who aren't fans of the gym, haven't had exposure to fitness, or just plain busy. Workshops and presentations are given in simple language too. I like to focus on the practical application and give you the most bang for your buck. 

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