I Have Been Silent & Why That Time Is Over

intelligent body map Feb 01, 2018

I am skeptical of almost everything.

I distrusted “gym culture” most of my life, but if I was being honest I did want to feel strong in my body. I grew up thinking that if I “built muscle” I would have to trade my intelligence and dignity to become a “meathead” that only cared about vanity. It turns out that I was wrong about a lot of things.

I realized that becoming friends with my body was the most empowering journey I could take.

For over nine years I have collected experience as a full-time personal trainer and competitive Olympic-style weightlifter. I studied with Olympic-level coaches, health professionals, and I worked with hundreds of clients, while putting on dozens of workshops. I am comfortable using my body to do all feats of strength and flexibility on command. I also grew to love the outdoors, so much that I became a Wilderness Survival instructor. I also started my journey as a Somatic Sex & Relationship Coach. And what I soon realized was that:

The body holds so much knowledge that the rational mind cannot even begin to comprehend.

So 2016, I decided it was time to collect everything I knew about Fitness and turn it into a book. It essentially became an E-book with a ton of useful information. I wanted people to have a no-BS resource to use in their fitness journeys. But more importantly, I wanted people to know that they weren’t crazy. That there were definitely factors working against them and their natural desires to feel strong and healthy. Like a Dateline reporter, I wanted to expose what fitness experts and self-proclaimed health gurus don’t want you to know.

What I’m about to show you isn’t new or special. But what makes this offering special is that it teaches you how to filter the vast amounts of fitness data floating around out there into useable, applicable wisdom. And if you need more validation, check out what others are saying about me on Yelp.

I always had a problem with “Internet coaches”, attractive women selling Detox Teas, and fitness culture in general. It’s easy to criticize these people - But if I didn’t become the “Man in the Arena” as FDR wrote, I could not criticize anybody. So this is my first step into sharing my experience and wisdom in an online arena. And I am working hard to make sure it’s perfect. I believe I owe you that and it’s what you deserve.

But none of this would exist had I not met each one of you. The people I have worked with personally are the most important part of this collection of knowledge! I have had lots of twists and turns on my own journey. And each of you have been an important signpost in my own development as a human being. Thank you for trusting me when we worked together. You played an important role in building this program. And now I am offering this roadmap to the rest of the world.

I now invite you to see what the Intelligent Body Map is all about and how you can participate.  

Thank you again for reading this far and being a part of my journey!

Brandon Chien, Founder of The Art of Self Alignment

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