"There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy." - Nietzsche

My name is Brandon...

...and I help people find a Flow State with their bodies.

I want to share how I went from an overthinking, pack-a-day smoking stress-junkie to living confidently in my body, building a healthy social circle and sex life, and enjoying the Great Outdoors.

I teach an unconventional mixture of weights, gymnastics, and dance skill training to get you moving gracefully. It is science-based training verified by a decade of self-experimentation.

I approach every client like a unique ecosystem I've never visited. I help you design the movement practice of your dreams - whether you're a 9-5'er, Outdoor Enthusiast, Party-Animal, or a busy mother of two.

I help you decipher and unlearn the damaging messages coming from the fitness industry too. Together we will turn your confusion into a transformation of the mind, body, and heart.

I keep it simple by using little/no equipment. And you get to pick the ideal environment to move your body.

I have a body-positive philosophy that welcomes people of all shapes, sizes, and ages. We all deserve to feel good in our own bodies.

And when you start moving well again, I can show you how to go make friends, enjoy the outdoors, and pursue your dreams.

You can read about my transformation below.

Here's a link to my professional experience.

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Brandon's Blog

Thoughts on movement, sex & relationships, and enjoying the outdoors.


What I offer people is a road map to learn to trust your body again. I can help you develop the natural strength of your mind, body, and heart. The potent combination of a strong spine, clear mind, and open heart is what leads to lasting change -

Become your own coach with the Intelligent Body Map.

Listen, I know the term "Personal Trainer" gives people anxiety. It does that to me too.

You will not find "Biggest Loser" or 30-Day challenges here. No strict meal plans or macro-counting. No "muscle armoring" and ego boosting. No 100% commitment. No bone-crushing and painful workouts. No shame and guilt-based tactics. None of the ineffective methods that the current Fitness Paradigm promotes.

If you are like me, you were taught to obey the brain and deny the natural impulses of the BODY. Maybe you were taught that it's bad to fidget in class. Or you were not shown how to meet your Hierarchy of Needs. And you may have experienced some body-shaming and have anxiety around that. And there are many who have had negative experiences with personal training, the "fitness world", or dieting/nutrition. Something needs to shift internally and you can sense it. You are ready for something different:

You are ready for the Intelligent Body Map.

You will build a body that is strong enough to support your dreams. You will build a mindset that is clear even under stress. You will act with integrity and feel right in your decisions. You will begin to understand the natural signals your body knew fluently as a child. I will teach you to hone your Jedi instincts and Ninja reflexes. You will learn why pain is your best friend and what exactly it is telling you. You will learn how to handle physical discomfort in healthy doses. You will approach nutrition with a new confidence that works just for you. You will align with your innate powers safely, effectively, and for the long term.

I am here to offer the unique combination of barbell training, gymastics, dance, and Mindfulness to build your own "Intelligent Body Map". 

I use this knowledge that I have been given responsibly to transform your self-image and actualize your potential. This is for the people who want to change from the inside-out. Together we will learn side-by-side and rebuild a healthier you to show up to the world.

Strong Spine, Clear Mind, Open Heart.


Serving clients at the Eleiko Certified Facility: SPS Gym (Oakland, CA)

In-Person Coaching

I teach you how to be your own coach. Whether you're just starting out or have lots of movement experience, I can improve your skills to chase your dreams in the world. Read a few testimonials from coaching clients on Yelp.

Small-Group Coaching @ SPS

 I teach Olympic-weightlifting, Powerlifting, and CrossFit to small groups at SPS Gym. Come drop by for world-class training at an Eleiko-certified facility!

Pricing for membership, classes, and drop-ins:

Online Coaching

I'm here if need accountability and help figuring out how to make fitness work for you. I build a customized 4-week program for Olympic-lifting/Barbell skills, bodyweight training, and mobility.

For pricing please see the store.

Virtual Consultation + Custom Program

Want some guidance or a brainstorm session? Let's work together to build a movement program that works for your personality and lifestyle. Sessions are conducted via Zoom.

Corporate Wellness & Education

Teaching outside the gym brings me great joy. It helps me to meet people who aren't fans of the gym, haven't had exposure to fitness, or just plain busy. Workshops and presentations are given in simple language too. I like to focus on the practical application and give you the most bang for your buck. 

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How I learned to trust my body again.

Here's a little timeline of my transformation.

Age 0 to 23 years - A nerd is born

I grew up the "asthma kid who was allergic to everything" and got picked last for sports. This made me stop trusting my body from a young age. Living in my head, I became bookish and gravitated to Philosophy and building race-cars. They were comfortable activities that didn't require my body. I was deeply insecure about my lack of athleticism and skinny-fat build. And I started smoking cigarettes to stuff my anxiety deep down.

Age 23 - Finding My Body

After ending a 6-year relationship with my first girlfriend Michelle, I decided that getting in shape would solve all my problems. I quickly learned how little I knew about my own body. And I was disillusioned with the shame and guilt-based tactics the Fitness Industry. I was not interested in the "Muscle Armor" culture of Bodybuilders either. I wanted to have Ninja Reflexes and a body made of steel cables.

I got into Parkour but quickly realized I lacked the necessary strength and flexibility. My skills as a mechanic helped me dissect complex ideas and helped get me started in Fitness. I began reading about CrossFit in 2008 and began dabbling in my friend's garage. Around the same time, I got laid off and had trouble finding a "regular job".

Little did I know that the Universe was throwing me onto my REAL path.

Age 24 - Jedi Training Begins

I began a CrossFit Internship at MDSF with Saul Jimenez. He took me under his wing, started from scratch and prepared me to become a Fitness Professional. Over the next four years I would be groomed into a Health & Wellness Coach for Equinox Fitness, while competing and coaching in the sport of Olympic weightlifting. My mind and body were strong and sharp. I had quickly grown into a pillar of my community as the "Fitness Guy". But all my strength training could not prepare me for the biggest event of all - heartbreak.

Age 28 - Rock Bottom

Yep. Another break-up would wake up the most critical element of all - HEART. I began questioning the meaning of everything in my life. I had built a life that looked good, but didn't FEEL RIGHT living it. But this time I decided to try something radical -

Getting coached on my sex & dating life.

I realized I tried almost everything I could get my hands on in the self-help realm - Shamanic Journeying, Yoga, Sensory Deprivation Tanks, Eco-depth Psychology, and Tantric Sex workshops. You name it and I probably tried it. But the one thing that I tried that allowed me access to my inner wisdom was the magic fungi known as Psilocybin.

Age 30 - Psychedelic Reboot

Opening myself to plant-based medicines or "psychedelics" was the best decision I ever made. Entheogens (MDMA) and Psychedelics (Psilocybin) profoundly altered how I perceived the pain of grief, shame, and anger from my childhood. I began to understand my fears and traumas were opportunities for growing a mature male ego. I saw the root of my suffering and how I could transform it into positive events in reality. I began to see that physical fitness was just the preparation for me to fully accept and use my emotions as assets.

Age 31 - Into The Wild

My best friend took me out on my first Int'l backpacking trip to South America. It was an adventure that would plant the seed for self-reliance. I hiked 62-miles at 14,000+ feet without donkeys with my friends. We arrived at Machu Picchu, forever changed by Mother Nature. It lit a spark within me to find out what else was possible in my life.


Age 32 - Self-Reliance

In 2016, I decided to do something wild - I spent 6-weeks living in the woods (during winter) and became a Wilderness Survival Instructor. I survived for a week with only the clothes on my back and two knives; I didn't eat anything for five days during that rite of passage. I learned to start fire from scratch, build shelter, find water, make containers out of anything, and the skills to teach others.

I returned home a changed man, eternally grateful for the creature comforts of civilization. I was on fire (literally).

Age 33 - Sex School & Erotic Films

This was the wildest part of my journey. It was also when I would come back to the scariest place I could think of - sex & intimacy.

You could say I really went where to man would truly go. I decided to do the "full-monty" and learn the Venusian Arts. I learned the full spectrum of effective communication in dating, sexual techniques, difficult conversations, and navigating "Open Relationships". 

I also helped produce a feminist pornographic film - a political satire about Donald Trump.

Present day -

Since then my entire orientation of life has become a "body-centered approach". My broad life experience can now serve my clients who want to transform their lives in a holistic way. I now have compassion for their mental, physical, and emotional situations. I let them discover solutions and support autonomy, mastery, and building community.

And this method of training based in TRUSTING THE BODY produces lasting results every session. I combine my unique experience, a zero-pressure training philosophy, and emotional intelligence to create an environment that transforms my clients.

(I've listed my professional training experiences below for your reference.)

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